Top 10 Best Headphones for Music Production

The music production industry is reliant on high quality speakers and headphones. These two are the core devices which aid in mixing music and creating anything you want to. However, investing in a good pair of studio headphone is very crucial for people who are in the music production sector. It is just like investing in a good bed, because it is important for a good nights sleep. You know that a pair of studio headphones will be essential to your music creation. 

However, there are a lot of studio headphones out there in the market. The variety is huge and can confuse you easily. However, just because a brand puts “studio” in their headphones name doesn’t mean that it is going to provide all the features that you need for music production. Therefore, you need to make a wise choice. 


Before you step outside to invest in a good pair of studio headphones, you need to know some important things. Studio headphones are not cheap and affordable; they require proper investment. Thus, you need to make the best pick possible as there is no scope of getting your hands on a bad one. Here are some aspects that you must know before you buy a pair of studio headphones or step inside a shop to make your decision. 

  • First of all, you need to set your budget. Never set a budget that is below $100 when it comes to studio headphones. There are some models which might cost you a little less than $100 but the best and powerful ones are usually beyond that. Thus, make sure that you have a decent budget to get the best studio headphones. 
  • Understand the use of studio headphones in your life. Are you planning to use them for recording music or mixing it or both? Are you going to be using your pair of studio headphones daily? The activity that you plan to carry out with your headphones will set the basis of what kind of headphones you must invest it. 
  • What features are you looking forward to? This is a very important aspect to have a clear answer to. Special features are always a perk when it comes to music recording and mixing as it makes it easier to producer. Your preferred activity will let you know what features you are looking forward to. 

If you don’t have a good and powerful set of studio headphones, you are missing out on the quality that music production requires. If you are eagerly looking forward to creating a prominent name in the music industry, then having a good pair of studio headphones is crucial. Just like all the other music production and audio devices are important, you need to make sure that studio headphones are also chosen with care. 



Once you have considered all the important aspects of your studio headphones and you are clear on what kind of features you want and how much you can invest; it is time to fetch for the best pair possible. No worries for that as we have rounded up some of the best studio headphones that you can invest in, right here. From price range to the features that they offer; we have summed up, all required information for you. Let’s get down to the top 10 best studio headphones. 

The entre headphone line of Sennheiser is worth praise as they have some of the best HD headphones that you can ever invest in. This typical model of studio headphone has been appreciated by a lot of music freaks, who also work in the music industry. They are super lightweight and very comfortable to wear. You can even collapse it, if you wish to travel along with them. It has been termed amazing for recording and sound isolation. The best feature that the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro offers is that it has removable parts which aids in keeping it alive for a longer time span. The manufacturer offers 6+ years of life for these studio headphones and the sound quality is top notch. The bass quality is precise and the signals are all clear and wonderful. No sounds of hissing appear in the ears when the sound hits high keys. You can get this amazing studio headphone for just $99.95 from Amazon and you won’t regret investing in them at all. 

These studio headphones have been sworn upon for their amazing quality by some of the best music producers. Sony is one of the best and most well-reputed names in the world of technology so we know that whatever comes from them is definitely great. The best part is that Sony is offering you these incredible studio headphones for just $100. Isn’t that a great deal? They are very comfortable to wear and its ear pads don’t annoy you. It has a 40mm driver size and gives off very crisp high, decent mids and nice lows. Voice at every level is simply impeccable through these amazing headphones. Sony MDR7506 is an accurate headphone for recording and mixing at the music studio. It has a wonderful soft case along it too; just in case, you have to travel with it. 


This headphone has been impeccable in the world of audio devices and is adored by music creators too. This is a huge hit in the music world and has standard size drives as well. The best part is that these headphones have a monitoring system. The treble is crispy clear and the bass is pretty deep too which simply means that they are going to deliver a very good balance. A great balance is much needed when it comes to music production so this one is a great pick to make. You can get your hands on these headphones within a budget of $200. It has a memory foam ear pad which makes it super comfy to wear. You can also collapse it so that it can be easy to travel along with them. It also has an interchangeable cable. 

If you have a good budget, then you can certainly look up to this amazing studio headphone which is meant to please music producers. Beyerdynamic is a prominent and well-known brand, so you know that you have got your hands on something great. However, this model is famous for great mixing. Thus, if you have a studio headphone for recording and are looking for one that can offer you amazing mixing, then look no further than this beauty. It offers a very refined and amazing sound quality. The headphones are very comfortable to wear and the soft ear pads make it easier for you to wear them for a longer time span. The ear pads can be replaced easily. Beyerdynamic DT 880 offers great accuracy. However, they are super remarkable for mixing; but don’t rely on them for recording too. 

for music creators who adore mixing, these studio headphones are going to be your best buddies. This headphone has an open ear design and due to this, some people complain about the sound leakage. However, many think that it really doesn’t create any such a problem. But the real thing is that this is what the open ear design is meant to do; give you better sound and not just the element of privacy. The sound quality is impeccably great. It is even better if you can get a headphone amp with this one so that you can enjoy these headphones to the fullest. The overall resolution of these headphones is very high; it is really worth the praise. Thus, it is a blessing in terms of mixing music. 


This studio headphone is dominant and it is setting the game a little higher for its competitors. Audio-Technica have some amazing models but this one is the best one to get your hands on, if you are looking forward to a good pair of studio headphones. This one comes with great connectivity options and is super great for mixing and recording both. If you are a pro mixer and recorder, then you can definitely invest in it; it won’t disappoint you at all. If you have a low budget, then getting your hands on this one is a great idea. It is good for all types of users; no matter what type of mixing you are looking forward to or probably you just love listening to music; you can buy these as they are wallet friendly. If you are okay with investing a little more, then you can look forward to some upgraded headphones that they have. 


V-MODA has been in the world of headphones for a long time now and they are definitely worth the praise. There is nothing that makes them hold back as they provide great features and amazing quality. This model has hefty drivers of 50mm and is capable of rendering incredibly great sound quality. The perfectly accurate and flat yet tuned sound makes your experience wonderful. The ear pads of these amazing headphones are made of memory foam which provide comfort and allow the user to wear them for a long period of time. The perfect blend of highs, lows and mids makes them just great to buy. They also offer a solid bass and they are the true version of the best studio headphones that you can get your hands on. However, the quality is certainly going to demand you to invest too as these retail for $200; no less than that. 


AKG is famous for providing the best and most amazing studio headphones and microphones along with other audio devices. They are slightly open ended but they really prevent build up so you won’t experience that extreme sound leakage. However, this studio headphone is great for mixing. If you are looking for a studio headphone which can offer only mixing then this one won’t disappoint you at all. It has a detachable cable and has one extra pair along too. The cushions are very soft and the ear pads are totally comfortable which means that you can rely on them completely for comfort and long  span usage. The headband can be adjusted too. The balance between the bass and the treble is perfect and there is no lack of equilibrium which means that sound quality from highs to lows is outstanding. The accuracy and flat sound make it worth the investment and there is nothing really that you might regret in this model. It is pretty affordable as Amazon has it for $85; so no complains about it at all. If you are within a tight budget, then this will be your best buddy in music mixing. 


No matter what, these are one of the best studio headphones of all times. You are never going to regret getting your hands on a headphone that comes from Ultrasone as they are famous for their impeccably made audio devices. They are always crafted with care and are professional enough to render the best only. This model is no expectation as it satisfies the users completely. It has 40mm driver and gives a very gentle and warm sound. The stability in the music and the wonderful acoustics that you get through these headphones is a treat. The bass is really deep and that is appreciative. The amplification is also balanced which makes the sound quality amazing; the way it should be. The ear pads are super comfortable which allows the user to wear them for a long period of time. You won’t feel any pain at all. They are going to cost you a bit because Ultrasone always brings the best to you. Amazon is giving it  to you for $159, so if you have the budget; nothing beats this beauty at all. 


These might not be on the table of a lot of music freaks but the ones who have used it, know that these are precious and one of the best ones that you can get a hold of. This studio headphone has raved in some really nice and positive reviews. They can easily be use for up to 5 years. The lows and highs of the music are even and in perfect equilibrium and so is the bass and treble which make the sound quality impeccable. If you love to listen to rock music then these studio headphones bring the best service to you. They will really make you cherish rock music, like never before. If you have a budget of $150, then these are one of the best studio headphones that you can invest in. they are really worth it and you won’t regret it at all. 



The market of headphones or audio devices is pretty large and ambiguous. However, if you are looking forward to studio headphones, which are best for producing music (mixing and recording), then these are the best top 10 headphones, that you can rely on. The market is filled with endless options and that can make the choice pretty tough. Therefore, we have made the choice easier for you. Depending on what you want the headphones for and how much you are ready to invest in them; pick the one that suits your needs and wallet and you are good to go! 

Grab the best pair of studio headphones and you won’t ever be disappointed with mixing and recording music. Also, make sure that the headphones have replacable parts as it makes them last longer. Check out the above mentioned headphones and you are going to fall in love with the music quality for sure. 

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