Why do Speakers Make Crackling and Popping Noises

Why do speakers make a crackling or popping noise is a question that is asked very often when we are having trouble with our speakers. Today I will break down exactly why your speakers are making that crackling noise. And if it’s time to get a new speaker.

Here are the top 5 reasons your speakers are cracking and popping.

The connection is broken

The first thing to look at if you are having these issues is to see if your speakers are connected properly. For now, we will be focused on wired speakers and later we will talk about wireless speakers.

Most crackling noises come from having a bad connection. If your connecting cables are damaged in any way this could be the source of the problem.

The first thing you should do is check to see if any of your connections points are damaged. This includes the connection to your speakers and the connection the audio source. Over time the connection points can become corroded. This could cause pooping and crackling, as well as poor sound quality.

If the connections points appear to be fine be sure to check the wires next. Over time wires can become pinched.


pinched speaker wire

Check all of the connection wires and if they appear as the picture above then it is time to replace them. Also, check all wires and connections to your amplifier. If your connections are not damaged and your wires are not pinched then we can move to the next possible problem.

Current problems with your speaker

If your connection is completely fine, then it’s time to look at your power source. Here we need to look at what is supplying the power to your speakers. If your speakers are not receiving the correct amount of current this will cause the crackling or popping.

This is because speakers use a large amount of precise current to make the air around them move, creating sound. If the current is not set correctly then your speaker could make sudden jumps creating the popping and crackling noises. This kind of problem could also damage your speaker or the components inside them.

So first make sure there are no problems with the power source of your speaker. This includes connection points and cables. If you’re using an amplifier then be sure to check the power source for it as well as the connections.

If those connections are fine, make sure all other cables around your speaker are connected properly. If when moved you can hear something inside your speakers, there is a possibility there are loose components inside of your speakers. These loose components can hurt your speaker and cause it to fail.

A bad or broken amplifier

This piece is only if your speakers use an amplifier. If you are at this point and you have not seen any of the issues mentioned above then you could have an amplifier that is not working properly.

Of course, if you have an old amplifier you could just plug it in and see if the fixes the issue. If you don’t have another amplifier then it’s either time to get a new one or check if the one you have is broken. You could buy a tester though those are usually pretty expensive.

At this point, if you have been following along we have tested the amplifiers connection points and cables along with the power source. I recommend in a last attempt that you unplug and reconnect your amplifier to see if this fixes the issue. If it doesn’t then your amplifier could be broken.

Getting another amplifier will most likely fix your issue if not then most likely the is something wrong your speakers themselves.

Bad connection in a wireless speakers

If you are dealing with a wireless speaker then your connection could be the most potential problem. If you are hearing the crackling and popping noise, it most likely has something to do with the Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not perfect and when the Bluetooth chip is damaged or not properly working then you could experience the crackling and popping.

It could be sending the wrong signals of current distorting the sound and bringing forth the problems associated with speakers and bad current.

There are others thing that could impact the connectivity of your Bluetooth. These are most likely other devices that also use radio waves to communicate.

Try turning off all other devices to see if the connectivity becomes better and to see if this stops the crackling and popping sound.

If this does not fix the issue then there could be something wrong with your Bluetooth.

A broken speaker

If none of the advice mentioned above worked for you then you probably have a broken and blown speaker. Broken speakers are known to make crackling and popping noises.

One of the reasons your speaker broke could be due to some of the things mentioned above which is why it is important that you pay attention to connectivity, wires, and your amplifier.

If you’re looking for a speaker that will last you a long time, I will suggest that you go with a more high-end speaker. When it comes to audio quality there might not be a huge difference between a basic speaker and a name brand speaker. But if we were to look at the materials used to make the speaker then we would notice that the basic speaker is really low quality and will most like break faster.



If the speaker you are working with does not improve after doing the steps mentioned above then I recommend that you just buy a new speaker or visit a professional that could repair it. If you are going to try to repair it yourself then I suggest that you are careful not to hurt yourself.

Also not to damage the speaker any further. Speakers are not easy to work on and it usually will never sound the same as a new speaker.

I hope that this guide helps some of you dealing with the crackling and popping in your speaker.


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