Monster NTune 24K Gold Headphoens Review

Mosnter 24K Gold Headphones Review

Let’s be honest everyone loves gold. Especially on these beautiful gold headphones by Monster.

The truth is that even though these headphones look great we still have to analyze them and see how they perform. So today we’ll be breaking down every little aspect of these headphones. This way you can decide whether this is the right pair of gold headphones for you.

Sound quality

For a pair of headphones that are on the higher end of the headphone market, we expect their sound quality to be superb.

So how did they perform our quality tests? Let’s find out.

If you love music then you probably love bass. What we found out is that these headphones have a great bass. However, it is definitely not the loudest bass we have heard for headphones of this price. So if you’re looking for headphones that are going to vibrate your ears off, then these are not the headphones for you.

Bass is not everything so let’s see what else these headphones offer. The Monster 24K sound does deliver some rich audio, delivering some great clarity and depth. While the 24K plating does a really good job at canceling the surrounding noise.

What They look like

Watch this video to get a sense of what the headphones look like.

Video by Unbox Therapy – See their Channel

Main Features other than being beautiful golden headphones

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