How to Make Headphones Louder

If your pair of headphones are not sounding as loud as they use to, or if you’re just not happy with the amount of sound they’re producing. Then stick around to find out how to make your headphones louder.

Use this tips at your own risk, You might damage your headphones or your ears.

These are the steps that worked for me!

How to make your headphones louder

Here are the steps to follow to get the most sound from your headphones.

Clean your headphones

This might seem like an obvious step, but when was the last time you really put effort into cleaning your headphones.

Chances are never, even though we use them almost every day.

If you don’t clean your headphones regularly then they will build up dust and lots of earwax. Even over the ear headphones can build up dead skin over time. Wax and dust block the small meshes that separate the speakers from your ears. If there is to much build on these meshes then the sound will be reduced. This is why it is important to clean your headphones regularly.

Here are a few ways that you can clean your headphones.

1. The most effective way to clean your headphones is using adhesive putty. We use the Blu-Tack adhesive putty( see the price on amazon). This makes it easy to remove ear wax and dust to from your headphones. Simply take a small piece of putty and dab it on the headphone mesh. Everything will stick to the putty leaving your headphones clean and unplugged. Then use another small piece of putty for the other earcup to get the most cleaning power out of the putty. We again stress that this is the best way to clean your headphones. We will cover a few more options but we are not responsible for any damaged equipment.

2. Another way to get rid of that sticky earwax is to use some carbon peroxide. Again use this at your own risk. Carbon peroxide is known to dissolve earwax. It will also help you clear out any gunk that could be on your headphones. The best way to apply it is with a cotton swab. Wet the swab with the carbon peroxide and the gently clean your headphones mesh. Carbon peroxide is a lot like water so there is a risk if damaging the headphones. Please be careful with your headphones.

3. If you have bigger headphones and they are mostly filled with dust or other debris. We recommend you just use compressed air. Again be careful not to damage your headphones. This will get rid of anything that could be blocking your headphones as long as it is not sticky. The putty is definitely the best option but this one is okay.

You might need more power

If you are done cleaning your headphones and your sound has not improved then you need more power.

All headphones are dependent on the device that powers them. These days we are using smaller and smaller devices for our audio needs. This means that our headphones are not getting the power they use to get on bigger devices.

So what can you do?

One way that will definitely make headphones louder is to get yourself an amplifier. An amplifier works by taking the current signals from your device and boosting that current many times over. This will definitely make your headphones considerably louder. Headphones use a lot of power in order to make the air around them move and usually, our portable devices don’t produce the big enough currents.

A few things to consider before getting a sound amplifier.

1. You need to pay attention to how much power the amplifier can produce. The bigger the speakers, or in this case the headphones, the more power out you will need. Most mobile amplifier will output enough power to see noticeably louder sound on most headphones. This being said there are some that are built better than others. We recommend the OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier(see it on amazon). This one is a little more on the high end but it has proven to be very durable and boots the sound perfectly. If your looking for something less expensive then try the FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier( click to see it on amazon). This one is less expensive but works just as well.

2. If you are using a mobile device make sure that the amplifier is not too big or you will not take it with you. Even some of the smaller amplifiers do a great job at making the headphones louder.

3. Amplifiers are meant to boost current. Don’t get sucked in by the amplifiers that promise to also increase sound quality. Volume is a big part of how we perceive sound quality. So in a way, all amplifiers boost sound quality.

Don’t want to get an amplifier?

If you think getting an amplifier is too much then you might want to start looking at headphones that have low resistance. Headphones that have lower resistance tend to sound louder with smaller devices. This is a good alternative to getting an amplifier. However, an amplifier will make headphones much louder.

Time for a new pair of headphones

There a possibility your headphones are just too old or are not working properly anymore. If your headphones are considerably less loud then before you might be ready for a new pair. Find your new pair of headphones.

When buying a new pair of headphone you should consider…

Why are some headphones louder than other?

I know that if your reading this article you want loud headphones. So let’s explore why some headphones are much louder than others.

Size matters??

Of course, it does. Headphones that are bigger have much bigger drivers which can output much louder sound. That being said quality still matters a lot. Because a pair of small well-made headphones can produce more sound than a cheap pair of headphones. Also, bigger headphones tend to use more power and that helps them deliver greater sound.

What about quality?

Quality is definitely super important. Brands like Bose make some amazing sound drivers that can produce amazing sound even if they are small. This is why, if you really want a good pair of headphones, don’t go cheap. The design of the headphone also affects the sound. If the components are arranged properly then they will produce more sound.

Resistance resistance resistance

As I mentioned before some headphones have a much lower resistance than others. This means that they can make the most out of the power source. They will not consume more power but they do utilize more of the current coming through.

Take a look at your device

With more and more laws coming out restricting sound volume. It is no wonder that your sound could be getting dimmer and dimmer. Most of the laws are not impacting the headphones, But they are impacting the devices that we use. A lot of audio devices have started setting audio limits as a result. These limits come by default but can usually be changed from the settings menu.

For example in an iPhone to change the volume limits.

  1. You would first go to your ‘settings’.
  2. Then click on the ‘Music’ option.
  3. Go into the ‘Volume limit’ option and turn it off.

For Android, it will most likely be the same thing and you can find it by going to your settings.

If you’re using an mp3 player and you think it has a volume limit, simply google how to remove the sound limit on that particular device.

Once you remove any sound limits you will notice much greater sound coming out of your headphones.


I hope that you have noticed much louder sound on your headphones. I have compiled this steps after testing them on many of my old pairs of headphones.

Some of which no longer work( I did not include the steps that broke headphones). I advise you to be careful with your headphones.

If you want much louder headphones it might be best to just buy a new pair.

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