AO Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones- Full Review

AO Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The AO Noise Cancelling headphones are some of the cheaper noise canceling headphones you can buy. Click Here to see the price on Amazon.

Before you decide whether these are the headphones for you I suggest you keep reading. I will break down these headphones in a few categories. You should know that these headphones are made for people who need to get away from all the distractions around them.

They are noise canceling headphones, so if the people around you are really loud these headphones could suit you well.

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Let’s start breaking them down.

Comfort level

First of the design is really nice. I really like the metal frame and matte black color. They feel really sturdy while not weighing that much at all.

The ear cups and headband both have a great deal of padding which makes these headphones really comfortable. After wearing them for five hours I was still not tired of wearing them. A lot of headphones tend to hurt my ears but not these ones. They are over the ear which makes my ears a little hot but nothing that is not manageable. Something that I really liked is that the ear cups swivel to give you a better fit. This is good because everyone has a different type of fit. Overall I really like the fit and how comfortable these headphones are.

Noise canceling

The AO headphones come with active noise canceling. I noticed that even before turning it on the headphones were already blocking a lot of the outside noise. This must have something to do with their metal design. Turning on the active noise canceling I noticed about 90% of the outside noise was gone. You can still hear really loud noises but overall the work really well. The active noise canceling did not affect the sound very much which I am very happy about.

Sound quality

The most important part of any pair of headphones is the sound quality.

It’s time to see if these headphones are really worth it.

AO equipped these headphones with 40mm stereo drivers. I love this because it allows the headphones to get really loud. These headphones can definitely get really loud. They also have a very nice punchy bass the does not sound boosted.

The mids are clean and crips. Vocals and instruments really stand out. Making these headphones great for any kind of music out there. When I turned up the volume I notice very little distortion. These I love because not all headphones are good at full volume.

The AO headphones manage to hit highs really well without any breaking the sound. These headphones are definitely not as good as a pair of Bose Q35 but for the price, the sound is really good.


Overall these headphones are really good for their price. They are not the cheapest headphones but they are also really good quality. They are perfect for traveling for long periods of time and for noisy offices.  If you want to save some money and get a really good pair of headphones then  I suggest you buy these headphones. The quality has really surprised me. So I have been using these headphones on my flights from LA to NY.